a book I’m writing

The Trolley No. 16

Once upon a time, Mildred rubbed her tear stained face with dirty hands under her glasses and shaking with fear looked out from under the trolley seat at a driver who seemed bewildered to see her. “The next stop is Little Greece, this is the end of the line, how you got here is beyond me … make sure you get up and look about for your stop.”
Mildred let out a whimper, “Did you hear the gunfire last night?”. The driver continued to look surprised, shook his head and reclined. “No, that wasn’t me and I think you should mind your own business if you know whats best for you, imagine that you had to go through that, tsk, you poor thing. Sit tight we’ll get you home in no time.” He nodded reassuringly and managed a tight smile at her from his craggy face. Then he visibly put himself together at the shoulders and puffed his chest out. “Right. Let’s get going then. Make sure you get out from under there now.” He reached out a stringy arm to pull her out and she took it gratefully.

This book is about a young female librarian named Mildred Woodside who loses her job as a librarian, her parents and her home all in one night. She is down on her luck in the worst possible situation — homelessness. Mildred becomes fish fry for a local gang and is the target of crime. She suspects human trafficking and begins to carve a life out for herself from bottoms up as a plucky and courageous female heroine. Mildred Woodside champions misconduct with feline senses as her presence is often mistaken for Lucky, the town’s most infamous stray alley cat.

Chapter One: The Mummy’s Dark Oracle
Chapter Two: The Vampire Kingdom
Chapter Three: Lucky’s Poltergeist
Chapter Four: Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls
Chapter Five: Flying Dragons
Chapter Six: Troll(s) for a Giant
Chapter Seven: The Log Boom
Chapter Eight: Pete’s Ganja Bus
Chapter Nine: The Real World of Skip Tracing Online
Chapter Ten: Ask Mildred 911
Chapter Eleven: Lucky (Houdini) the Magician and GOG
to Chapter Twelve: Ghosts and Mischievous Spirits
15 Pages each chapter: Total 180 Pages without finished demarginalized pages and illustrations.

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